Companies That Offer Specialized Moving Services in Atlanta

Everybody can agree that moving is hard and often stressful. All those things you have to do and remember are sure to get confusing. But there’s something more that makes it extra difficult.

With specialty items in tow, your move will most likely become more complicated. However, that’s only if you don’t know what to do or have no proper help from someone.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem for Atlanta’s finest specialty moving companies. But before you check them out, you should know what specialty items are first.

What are Specialty Items?

Do you have an idea what specialty items are? If yes, that’s great! That’ll only make things simpler. But if not, there’s also nothing to worry about because you’ll know soon enough what items need specialty moving services.

  • Bulky and Heavy Items: Some household items like refrigerators and sofas can’t fit through the door, so you might want to ask for help from specialty movers. They can also provide a much bigger and stronger truck for your large and heavy possessions, such as a pool table.
  • Piano: Pianos are tough to move because they’re hefty. They also need special attention as they can easily get damaged, resulting in them becoming way out of tune.
  • Art and Antiques: These items are usually prized, and even the slightest damage can significantly affect their value. So special packing and transportation are required to ensure they arrive at your new home scratch-free.
  • Chandeliers and Fragile Appliances: Chandeliers are delicate. That’s why specialty movers make it an appropriate purpose-built shipping crate to guarantee its safety. Electronic appliances like a flat-screen TV and washing machine also call for expert care.
  • Furniture: Certain furniture need assembly and disassembly to make moving easier while requiring extra caution, too.

Specialty items may be too much for you to handle. So what can you do? Basic. Hire Atlanta movers offering specialty moving services.

The Best Companies with Specialty Moving Services

When hiring movers, you should be careful in assessing their overall quality of services. This is to ensure all your items make it to your front door free from damage, particularly specialty items. For that, here are the best companies in Atlanta that offer specialty moving services.

Falcon Atlanta Moving

Do you find assembling and disassembling furniture a hassle? Ask for help. Look for Falcon Atlanta Moving. These guys are equipped for the job to make your residential and commercial transfer a lot less stressful in Atlanta, GA. If you want assistance in packing and unpacking or labor-only help, you can call them, too. The warm and adept atmosphere when working with them is also a great plus! What’s more, they’ve earned a Top Pro rating in Thumbtack, making their reputation known as one of the best movers in the area.

B&B Movers, Inc.

If you’re searching for movers that cater to last-minute relocation, this moving company can work with that problem. Known throughout Atlanta and the Southeast, you’ll never go wrong choosing this company for specialty moving, like piano, antiques, and heavy items. With its values-centered around honesty, hard work, and excellence, it’s a guarantee that its services are top-notch and efficient, all the while remaining affordable. They can take care of commercial, residential, and government moving services for local and long-distance relocations. On top of that, they also offer labor-only, packing and unpacking, and loading and unloading services.

Fox Moving and Storage Atlanta

As one of the leading movers in Atlanta, Fox Moving and Storage strives to provide you with services beyond expectations. With a customer-first mindset, this company assists you during the entire process, from the first call until the moment you settle into your new home. Moving commercial or residential locally or long distances? They can help with that. Junks around your house? There is no need to get your hands dirty when you have them by your side. Additionally, they can handle “white glove services” and heavy and delicate items like piano and electronics. However, this company is not limited to relocation services alone. They also have storage units fit for anything you want to store.

Atlanta Peach Movers

Serving Atlanta since 1987, this moving company is the most experienced in the industry on this list. Atlanta Peach Movers is only one call away for any home, office, or government relocation, whether down the street, the next city, across the state, or even internationally. If you need packing services and supplies, just tell them, and you’re all good. You can also trust this company in moving not only your usual stuff but also furniture, antiques, and piano securely. To make things better, they also help with “white glove services” and senior moving, knowing they have special needs during the relocation. But the best is yet to come. Boasting a 110,000 square foot military-approved storage facility, rest assured that all of the items you stow away in their units are safe and sound.

To Sum Up

Packing and moving ordinary household goods is light work. However, it’s a different issue regarding specialty items because they’re fragile, heavy, and valuable. You’ll have to seek proper assistance from trained professionals, like those listed here, with adequate knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment.

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