How to Pack up Your Home with Supplies You Already Have

When most people begin to pack for a big move, they feel overwhelmed. That’s because they tend to focus on all that they have to do in the coming weeks and months. They also focus on just how expensive it is to pack up a home and move somewhere else. If you’re preparing for a […]

7 Tips for Saving Money on a Cross-Country Relocation

Any move is stressful and complicated, but a move across the country is especially frustrating because it requires much more planning. It also requires a deeper commitment of resources, requiring you to spend more money on everything from moving van rentals to fuel. While there’s no getting around some things, these seven tips can help […]

Top Five Neighborhoods in Atlanta for Young Professionals

Many people often assume the downtown area is the best or at least one of the best areas for a young professional to live. When it comes to Atlanta, the top five neighborhoods for young professionals are outside of the downtown area. Two of the neighborhoods on this list are very close to downtown, so […]

The Best Technique for Packing Your Dishware for a Move

Breakage is one of the most common causes of damage when you are relocating to a new home, and many of these losses could have been prevented with the right packing techniques. Glass items understandably may be most likely to break during a move, and many of your glass possessions are in the kitchen. Packing […]