Saporta Report broke the news yesterday that two key board members – Ryan Gravel and Chief Equity Officer Nathanial Smith – resigned their positions with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, the private sector organization responsible for, in part, advocating for affordable housing along the BeltLine. 

This came as a shock to many considering Ryan Gravel initially proposed the BeltLine's concept in 1999. However, he made it clear that this was not a sign of no longer supporting the project. Quite the opposite. As he said, "we hope it is the beginning of a more robust and effective coalition of voices that can ensure that the [BeltLine's] full, inclusive vision is realized."

Cathy Woolard is running for mayor to make Atlanta a more inclusive city for everyone, regardless of one's personal wealth. She saw great potential in Ryan's idea nearly 15 years ago and helped turn his vision into a reality. Now, she's fighting to make sure the BeltLine stays true to the original vision of bringing about a more inclusive city, and not one where only wealthy people can afford to live.

It isn't too late to get it right. Stand with Cathy and help us fight for affordable housing for all who want to live in our great city. 

Lee Woodsmall