What we need right now.

I don’t know about you, but Tuesday’s election was a big let-down.  I’ve been disappointed in elections before and it’s why I stay engaged in the political process. I just have to work to make things better for people – especially when the odds seem stacked against us.  

That’s why I want to be the next Mayor for Atlanta.  

Taxpayers at the local level are often stuck paying for bad policy decisions made in Washington.  Mayors, especially in non-partisan races like mine, are able to get things done and help take care of people who are often forgotten.  

I’m more determined than ever to win this race.  But I need your help now.  Right now.  

Fundraising has been a challenge this month while people have been waiting to see how the election turned out.  Well, now we know.  And you can turn the disappointment into a new opportunity to engage.  

Your contribution today will help me keep growing the resources that I need to win in 2017. And then we can do what women have been doing forever.  Roll up our sleeves, bring people together and get things done.  

Lee Woodsmall