Thanks for joining me to support Cathy Woolard for Atlanta Mayor!


I first heard of Cathy when I was in graduate school at Georgia Tech.  She was “the lesbian who ran for city council and won”!  Her story was so incredibly inspiring to me then as a Mississippi girl who’d never seen successful gay people in public life.  I knew her as a hard worker who got great things done.  She has stayed on the City Council and is currently serving as its president.  Now, she’s running for Mayor of Atlanta and she’s going to win this race too.   She was a great supporter of mine when I ran for State Auditor last year and I’m eagerly awaiting the day that we can say Atlanta has its first gay mayor.  But I’m equally as excited for Atlanta to have a hard-working progressive mayor like Cathy Woolard.
Please join Carla and me in supporting Cathy, in any way and at whatever financial level you can.  In a crowded field of candidates, she needs to build broad-based support.  Every dollar and every vote counts.

We hope we can count on you to help us help Cathy!

-Joce Pritchett