Dear Friends,

I love the City of Atlanta. It is an inspiring and beautifully diverse place to live and to work.  And, we are currently in the midst of exciting transformations that will make Atlanta an even better place to call home.

To reach our city’s full potential, we must engage ALL in our community, especially those residents that our city’s growth is leaving behind.  Only through the strength and talent of our residents can big projects, projects like the Atlanta BeltLine, be accomplished.

Citizen engagement, partnered with experienced, thoughtful leadership, will find solutions to our problems and improve quality of life for everyone. 

That’s why I’m meeting with residents and groups around the city to hear your vision for Atlanta’s future. While we may come from different neighborhoods and different backgrounds, we are united by the desire to improve the lives of Atlantans through better transportation, better public safety, more inclusive housing, economic development, and an ethical, responsible, and responsive city government.  Not just for the few, but for every neighborhood and every resident in Atlanta.

I hope that you will support me as we strive to create a city that works for everyone and that everyone can be proud of. Together, we will move Atlanta forward.